Show how many people are attending before going live and how many people are in the event once it goes live

Registration Required (Free or Paid Ticket pricing) Invite Only - Private Link - Not on Public Events Page (Phase 2)

Event or Company Logo Make as square as possible and about 40px by 40px

If you want a Branded Domain for this conference what would it be? (i.e. Service)

TIme Limit in Minutes of Networking for 2 Random People

    How many General Social/Cocktail Tables would you like in the Lounge (Mix of 4, 6, and 8 tops)

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    How many Lounge Tables would you like in the Lounge (Mix of 4, 6, and 8 tops)

    Rename the left hand navigation labels on your conference platform. See

    The area where you show schedules and information about the conference/meetings

    Where management, staff and speakers usually meet behind the scenes. Behind the scenes are people that are 1 level up from the lowest subscriber of the service.

    The main area where big meetings occur

    Breakout groups for up to 9 people that meet in a "Video Grid" type format. Anyone beyond that 9 is on the waiting list for a live video feed, and in the meantime is an audience member or viewer.

    Where people meet randomly one-on-one

    The exhibit hall where sponsors, vendors or suppliers meet with people in a virtual booth that can hold up to 10 people or play a video or display a Google slide show.

    Where people meet in a lounge with many tables. A person grabs one seat in a tabletop with 2 to 8 seats.